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Moodle Learning Management System (DotED)

The learning management system that ArtCenter uses is Moodle, version 3.8. This platform is the core of our DotED system, which is integrated with our portal (Inside ArtCenter) and is where all classes are published. Every course that is offered at ArtCenter has an online counterpart in the DotED system, and is accessible via single sign-on from the Inside ArtCenter dashboard. Courses are hidden by default in order to give instructors time to add content before students have access. They must be activated by the instructor in order for the students in the class to have access to the content.


Each ArtCenter instructor has been issued a Zoom account to conduct online, synchronous classes with. Zoom meetings can be added directly to your DotED course to give your students directly access to them.


Yuja is an online video platform that is fully integrated into DotED. It is a great way to securely upload video for educational purposes and share those videos with your students. Videos from Yuja can be easily added to a DotED course in any place where text can be entered.


The industry leading anti-plagiarism tool for student work. You can create and grade Turnitin assignments directly within the DotED platform.