Online Learning for Students

ArtCenter Canvas is the name of ArtCenter’s LMS (learning management system). Every course that is offered at ArtCenter has an online counterpart in the ArtCenter Canvas system, and is accessible via single sign-on from the Inside ArtCenter dashboard. ArtCenter faculty use ArtCenter Canvas to share course documents and resources, and to create assignments that students can submit online.

Accessing ArtCenter Canvas

All courses that you are enrolled are listed on your Inside ArtCenter dashboard. Each ArtCenter Canvas course can be accessed by clicking on the link next to the course title on your Inside Dashboard. Please contact your instructor if no link is visible. You can also access your courses by logging into ArtCenter Canvas directly at

ArtCenter Canvas Courses

Your instructor will post the course syllabus, links to Zoom meetings and assignments, as well as information on assignments and other course requirements. The ArtCenter Canvas course is the hub for all of your online course activity at ArtCenter.

Submitting writing assignments via ArtCenter Canvas

Your instructor may ask you to use ArtCenter Canvas to submit assignments. You can find information on submitting ArtCenter Canvas assignments as a student here:

Technical Support

There is 24/7 Canvas support available for all students, faculty, and staff. If you have any questions about Canvas features or technical difficulties with the platform they can assist immediately and escalate to ArtCenter if needed. They can be reached by chat or phone by clicking the Links and Assistance link in the ArtCenter Canvas menu.

If you have any issues submitting your assignments, notify your instructor and send an email to so that DTL can provide assistance.

LinkedIn Learning at ArtCenter

How to activate your account

As of 8/19, all ArtCenter students, staff, and faculty have access to LinkedIn Learning from their Inside dashboard. This service is what was previously known as When you click on the new link for the first time, you will be given a set of options for setting up your account.

Migrating from

No need to worry! Your account history is automatically imported into LinkedIn Learning when your profile is activated. In Progress, Collections, and Learning History can all be found under My Learning.

How to access your account

LinkedIn Learning can be accessed by pressing the LinkedIn Learning link, located under Academics on your Inside ArtCenter dashboard.

screen shot accessing LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn Learning

Connecting your LinkedIn Account

When you activate your LinkedIn Learning account your will be asked if you would like to connect your LinkedIn account. This is not mandatory and, as of this time, DTL recommends not connecting the accounts. Declining will not limit the functionality of your LinkedIn Learning profile.

Screen Shot of LinkedIn 1

Screen Shot of LinkedIn 2

Getting Help

LinkedIn Learning Help: