What is the difference between DotED and Inside?

While tightly integrated at ArtCenter, these two systems are separate platforms with very specific purposes. DotED is ArtCenter’s learning management system (LMS) and is used only for teaching (not classroom management) purposes. Inside is your personal portal to information specific to your employment at ArtCenter. Timesheets, payroll information, W2 forms, etc. reside on Inside. DotED can be accessed from your Inside Dashboard, but it is a separate system.

What is the difference between DotED and Moodle?

DotED is ArtCenter’s customized and branded version of a popular learning management system called Moodle which is used at colleges and universities throughout the world.

Why can’t my students see my DotED course site?

DotED course sites are hidden by default. This allows you to set up your course and add content before your students are able to see the course. Your will not be visible to your students until you make them visible. To make your course visible, see instructions here .

My attendance roster is incorrect. Can DTL help?

Sorry, no. Attendance is an Inside ArtCenter function and is completely separate from DotED. Please direct any questions about taking attendance to Enrollment Services at artcenter_registrar@artcenter.edu.

Can I submit final grades through DotED?

No, final grades must be submitted via your Inside Dashboard at the end of the term. If you have been utilizing the DotED gradebook, please transfer the final grade. Grades submitted via DotED will not be recognized by Enrollment Services. Please direct any questions about submitting grades to Enrollment Services at artcenter_registrar@artcenter.edu.

How do I email my class from DotED?

Please see here for instructions on composing email from within DotED. Alternatively, you can also email your class from your Inside Dashboard.

Can I upload my syllabus to my DotED course site without adding other content?

Yes. At a minimum, ArtCenter encourages instructors to make their syllabi available to students 24/7 via DotED.

Can I add a guest to my DotED course site?

Yes, ArtCenter instructors can request that other ArtCenter instructors be added to their DotED course sites with special “guest” privileges. Requests to add an instructor to the course site should be made by the instructor of record. Please email dtl@artcenter.edu. Requests for adding a non-ArtCenter guest should be made to the Help Desk. If approved by HR, IT will create a temporary username and password for the guest and DTL can add the guest at that point. Guests cannot add content, view grades, etc.

Can I add a non-enrolled student to my DotED course site?

No, only enrolled students and TAs with HR approval have access to specific DotED course sites. ArtCenter does not allow course auditing. Please direct any questions to Enrollment Services at artcenter_registrar@artcenter.edu.

Can I merge my DotED sections?

Yes. Please contact dtl@artcenter.edu to request course merges. Indicate course number of the master course (the course you will merge the other sections into) and course section(s) to be merged.

Can I merge cross-listed DotED courses?

Yes. Please contact dtl@artcenter.edu to request course merges.

How do I access my DotED course sites?

You can access DotED in one of two ways. From your Inside Dashboard, click on the blue arrow to the right of the course title. You can also go directly to http://doted.artcenter.edu and log in.

How do my students access my DotED course sites?

Students can also access their DotED courses from the Inside Dashboard or from the direct link at http://doted.artcenter.edu.

Who has access to my DotED course sites?

Only instructors of record have access to their respective DotED course sites. Other faculty members and ArtCenter staff (including Chairs, Directors, and Coordinators) do not have access to courses without written (email) permission from the instructor. Only students who are officially enrolled in courses have access to those courses. Students are not able to access course sites until instructors have enabled the “Show” setting.