Canvas Transition Frequently Asked Questions

How will I access my classes in ArtCenter Canvas

In week 13, all courses assigned to you will appear as unpublished courses on your ArtCenter Canvas dashboard with all enrolled students on the roster. You can also access ArtCenter Canvas from your Inside ArtCenter dashboard at this time.

How can I access Canvas now?

All faculty currently teaching can access Canvas right now! The platform can be accessed at and a sandbox course has been created for each faculty member to use for training purposes. Our 24/7 technical support for Canvas is now live and can be accessed by clicking the Links and Assistance icon in the sidebar navigation. This sandbox is a preview of the course template that will be used for all classes when we launch during the Fall term. If you do not have a sandbox in the system please contact

Will my previous work be deleted?

All work from previous terms will be archived by ArtCenter.

Can I still Access Older Courses in Moodle?

Faculty and staff will have access to the older, Moodle based version of DotED for a year after the transition to Canvas.

Does our move to Canvas affect the Faculty Dashboard on Inside ArtCenter?

No, Inside ArtCenter and the Faculty Dashboard are not affected by our move to Canvas. This means that Attendance, Email, and the Final Grade submission process are unchanged and are done using the Faculty Dashboard on Inside ArtCenter. Any questions regarding these functions should be sent to the Help Desk for resolution at

Can I submit final grades through ArtCenter Canvas?

Final grades must be submitted via your Inside Dashboard at the end of the term. Please direct any questions about submitting grades to Enrollment Services at

How do I email my class from ArtCenter Canvas?

Student email cannot be accessed via ArtCenter Canvas. You can email your class from the Faculty Dashboard on Inside Dashboard.

Can I merge my ArtCenter Canvas sections?

Yes. Please contact to request course merges. Indicate course number of the master course (the course you will merge the other sections into) and course section(s) to be merged.

Can I merge cross-listed courses?

Cross-listed courses are merged automatically.

How do I access my ArtCenter Canvas course sites?

You can access ArtCenter Canvas in one of two ways. From your Inside Dashboard or you can go directly to and log in.

How do my students access my ArtCenter Canvas course sites?

Students can also access their DotED courses from the Inside Dashboard or from the direct link at