Welcome to ArtCenter Canvas

Starting this Fall 2022, the official name of the learning management system will be ArtCenter Canvas. DotED will remain accessible as an archive but no new courses will be added to that platform.

The Course Links on your Inside dashboard will be updated to automatically direct you to ArtCenter Canvas. You can also access the platform directly at https://artcenter.instructure.com. There are no changes being made to the Faculty Dashboard so attendance, email, and final grades will continue to be submitted via Inside ArtCenter.

There is 24/7 Canvas support available for all students, faculty, and staff. If you have any questions about Canvas features or technical difficulties with the platform they can assist immediately and escalate to ArtCenter if needed. They can be reached by chat or phone by clicking the Links and Assistance link in the ArtCenter Canvas menu.

Canvas Faculty Training Workshop Recordings


Canvas Training Resources

Canvas Instructor Guide:

*Faculty are eligible to be remunerated for 90 minutes’ time for the basic training.

Part Time: ArtCenter’s policy is to pay part-time faculty for required trainings, but we have decided to compensate faculty who take the Canvas basic training, even though it is optional. To be paid, faculty should input 90 minutes in the time entry system, identify it as non-instructional, and put “Canvas Training” in the comments window.

Full-time: Full-time faculty members who have maxxed out their service hours are also eligible to be paid for the 90-minutes. Faculty should discuss with their Department administration who will report this as non-instructional time.

DotED shifting to Canvas in Fall 2022

This transition will greatly enhance ArtCenter’s capability to create and deliver educational online content by presenting it on an industry leading platform.

Please see the tentative timeline below and watch for more updates over the next few months. This schedule may change over the course of the installation.

*Updated 8/09/2022

Fall 2022

DotED launches using the Canvas Platform for all users.
Scheduled training webinars for students offered.
Prior terms remain accessible on the Moodle version of DotED to Faculty and support staff only.”