Welcome to the Digital Teaching & Learning Support Website. This is where you can find all information related to our learning management system, ArtCenter Canvas.

Online Technology Support

We are available to provide general assistance to faculty, students, and staff for the Canvas operating system at ArtCenter College of Design. For immediate assistance with any Canvas related feature, please use our built in technical support by pressing the Links & Assistance icon located in the Canvas sidebar. This support is available 24/7 via chat or phone.

Further support and strategies for Teaching and Learning software can be found on Inside ArtCenter by using the links below:

ArtCenter Canvas
LinkedIn Learning

If you have any questions about your Inside ArtCenter dashboard, ArtCenter email or passwords, or your attendance roster, you will need to contact the Technology Help Desk at: helpdesk@artcenter.edu.

Video Tutorials

How to add your syllabus to your Canvas course
Direct Link: https://artcenter.yuja.com/V/Video?v=8341170&node=35117941&a=68646033&autoplay=1

How to add files to your Canvas Course
Direct Link: https://artcenter.yuja.com/V/Video?v=5969723&node=26489097&a=274712203&autoplay=1

How to publish your Canvas Course
Direct Link: https://artcenter.yuja.com/V/Video?v=8341256&node=35117939&a=11431339&autoplay=1

How to edit your Canvas Home Page
Direct Link: https://artcenter.yuja.com/V/Video?v=5829468&node=26031104&a=1918014343&autoplay=1
How to schedule Zoom meetings in Canvas
Direct Link: https://artcenter.yuja.com/V/Video?v=5789693&node=25578891&a=2069096665&autoplay=1

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I access my classes in ArtCenter Canvas
You can access ArtCenter Canvas in one of two ways. From your Inside Dashboard or you can go directly to https://artcenter.instructure.com and log in.

Does our move to Canvas affect the Faculty Dashboard on Inside ArtCenter?
No, Inside ArtCenter and the Faculty Dashboard are not affected by our move to Canvas. This means that Attendance, Email, and the Final Grade submission process are unchanged and are done using the Faculty Dashboard on Inside ArtCenter. Any questions regarding these functions should be sent to the Help Desk for resolution at helpdesk@artcenter.edu.

Can I submit final grades through ArtCenter Canvas?
Final grades must be submitted via your Inside Dashboard at the end of the term. Please direct any questions about submitting grades to Enrollment Services at artcenter_registrar@artcenter.edu.

How do I email my class from ArtCenter Canvas?
Student email cannot be accessed via ArtCenter Canvas. You can email your class from the Faculty Dashboard on Inside Dashboard.