DotED shifting to Canvas in Fall 2022

We are happy to share with you the College’s plans to transition from Moodle to Canvas as our Learning Management System. Internally, we refer to our customized Learning Management System as DotED, and our transition to Canvas will greatly improve the DotED experience.

Canvas is the world’s fastest growing Learning Management System. It is a cloud-based platform hosted and supported by Instructure, complete with a mobile app, 24/7 technical support for all users, a vibrant online community and monthly updates/new features added by their team. For more information on Canvas, please visit:

This transition will greatly enhance ArtCenter’s capability to create and deliver educational online content by presenting it on an industry leading platform. In the coming weeks we will be sharing more information on training sessions, new features and support to make sure this change goes as smoothly as possible.

It is important to note that the current version of DotED (based on the Moodle Learning Management System) will remain accessible after the move to Canvas for one year so that course materials can continue to be accessed by faculty and staff. We will also be importing courses from a prior term into Canvas so that courses will not need to be rebuilt from scratch. And lastly, a series of training webinars hosted by Instructure will be scheduled to provide the necessary training to all faculty, students and staff. We will be addressing the specific details of this stage of the transition in a separate message at a later date.

Please see the tentative timeline below and watch for more updates over the next few months. This schedule may change over the course of the installation.

*Updated 4/28/2022

Spring/Summer Break

Begin importing content from Moodle to Canvas

Summer 2022

Conduct a summer pilot with a small number of selected courses.
Moodle to Canvas content import completed.
Scheduled training webinars and Q&A for faculty.

Summer/Fall Break

Scheduled training webinars for staff.

Fall 2022

DotED launches using the Canvas Platform for all users.
Scheduled training webinars for students offered.
Prior terms remain accessible on the Moodle version of DotED to Faculty and support staff only.”
End-of-term evaluation to identify areas of improvement for Spring 2023 Term.

Canvas Transition Frequently Asked Questions

Moving Courses from DotED to Canvas

Starting in the summer term of 2022, we will begin the process of importing courses from the current version of DotED into Canvas. All course imports must be requested by faculty using the Course Migration form. The content migration will take place in two stages:

Stage 01: Fall 2022 DotED Course Migration:
4/29/2022 – 6/3/2022

Stage 01 will be performed by Instructure and is expected to take approximately 4-6 weeks. It is restricted to the courses needed to prepare for classes being taught in the Fall 2022 Term. To request a course import for Fall 2022, please be sure to enter the term, course title, and section of the course you need to have imported from DotED into Canvas by using the form linked below. Requests cannot be accepted in any other format. The cutoff date to submit a request for us to migrate your courses for the Fall 2022 term is 6/3/2022 (Friday of Week 03, 22SU).

Fall 2022 DotED Course Migration Request Form:

Stage 02: General Content Migration:
8/22/2022 – 12/16/2022

Stage 02 is the manual import of courses by ArtCenter. This process is best suited for courses that are not needed immediately but still needed to be imported into Canvas. This process will be available starting 8/22/2022 (Week 04 of Fall Term) and will be available until 12/16/2022. A link to the General Content Migration Request Form will be sent out at the beginning of the Fall 2022 Term.

Canvas Training Resources

ArtCenter held training workshops during week 13 and 14 of the Spring 2022 term for faculty who were eager to begin using Canvas in preparation for the Fall 2022 launch. The recording of that training workshop can be found here:

Spring 2022 ArtCenter Canvas Training

There will be additional workshops scheduled, the dates/times will be announced during the summer term.

How can I access Canvas now?

All faculty currently teaching can access Canvas right now! The platform can be accessed at and a sandbox course has been created for each faculty member to use for training purposes. Our 24/7 technical support for Canvas is now live and can be accessed by clicking the Links and Assistance icon in the sidebar navigation. This sandbox is a preview of the course template that will be used for all classes when we launch during the Fall term. If you do not have a sandbox in the system please contact

Canvas Summer Pilot

We are very thankful to everyone who volunteered to be a part of the summer pilot for Canvas. The courses have been selected and all participating faculty have now been notified. The primary goals for the pilot are to:

  • Collect formative and summative feedback from faculty, students, and staff to ensure a smooth roll-out for the entire campus community in Fall 2022.
  • Provide an opportunity to improve/fix any items identified during the pilot.
  • Ensure interoperability with existing ArtCenter technology.

Will my previous work be deleted?

All work from previous terms will be archived by ArtCenter.

Can I still Access Older Courses in Moodle?

Faculty and staff will have access to the older, Moodle based version of DotED for a year after the transition to Canvas.