Using Lynda

ArtCenter & Lynda

As of Spring term 2016, all ArtCenter students, faculty, and staff have free access to Lynda and all of the video tutorials, exercise files, and content on the site. You can also make and share playlists, bookmark courses, and even assign Lynda videos as part of your course curriculum. The first step is to activate your Lynda account by using Inside ArtCenter or by going to the website directly. Please see below for information on how to set up your free account.

Once you have set up your account, you are free to view any of the videos on Lynda. But to use the platform to it’s fullest potential, it is highly recommended that you use playlists to organize your learning. Playlists can be shared with anyone who is a member of Lynda. They can also be embedded in your DotED course and even assigned if you are an instructor (please contact DTL for more information).

  • How to Create a Playlist
    1. Click the dropdown menu next to your name (in the top bar) and select Playlists.
    2. Click Create New Playlist and fill in the Name and Description of your playlist.
    3. To add videos to your playlist, click the + icon on any course throughout the site. You can also search for specific courses in the search box below.
  • Sharing a Playlist
    1. Select the Playlist that you would like to share and click the Share link.
    2. Select URL link as the method of Sharing.
    3. Copy the ArtCenter link and paste as a URL in your DotED course or anywhere else you would like to make the playlist accessible.

Many of the courses on Lynda have files that you will need to download and use in parallel with watching the videos. Please follow the instructions below to download them from individual courses as well as from playlists.

  • Individual Course Files
    1. Click Downloads in the top toolbar.
    2. If there are Exercise Files available to download, you can select and download them by clicking the Exercise Files link.
  • Playlist Course Files
    • When viewing the courses within a playlist, you can click the Exercise Files Tab to access all of the files for the selected playlist.