Accessing your Classes

If your instructor has activated the DotED version of your course, there are two ways to access it. You can click the Course Title from your Inside ArtCenter dashboard, which will open up the course in a new browser tab or you can log into DotED directly at It is highly recommended that you upload a profile picture to the DotED system so that your instructor and classmates can easily identify and interact with you online.

If you log into DotED directly you will be presented with the Course Overview, a list of the activated current courses you are enrolled in.

*Courses that you are enrolled in that have not been activated by your instructor will not be visible in the course overview.

Submitting Assignments

Your instructor may ask you to use DotED to submit assignments. There are two types of assignments that can be submitted, a DotED assignment and a Turnitin Assignment. The primary difference between the two types is that a Turnitin assignment checks the content against the internet and several other databases for plagiarism while a traditional DotED assignment does not.

*Please make sure that you are using Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser before you attempt to upload your submission. If you need to install the browser, please go to:

  • Submitting Turnitin Assignments
    Using Turnitin

    If you are having ANY issues submitting your assignments, please send an email to so that we can provide assistance.

    1. Log into DotED and click on the Assignment title.
    2. Click on the Submit Paper icon to upload your file.
    3. Enter the Submission Title, drag your file into the File to Submit window, and press Add Submission.
    4. A screen confirming that your file is uploading will load and a digital receipt will display confirming the successful submission.
    5. You will be returned to your DotED Turnitin submission screen once you close the confirmation window.
  • Submitting DotED (non-Turnitin) Assignments
    DotED Assignments

    A DotED Assignment is a basic file submission tool with none of the options that Turnitin provides.

    1. Log into DotED and click on the Assignment title.
    2. Click on the Add Submission icon to upload your file.
    3. Drag your file into the File Submissions window and press Save Changes.
    4. A screen confirming that your file was successfully uploaded will display.