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Taking Classes Online

As an artist in an evolving industry, this is an opportunity for you to learn technology that could be relevant for your future. Still, take time to self-monitor your physical and mental health as you adapt to an increase of your technology use during this complex time.

Where are my classes?

All classes will be organized through DotED. Classes will be held using the remote meeting software Zoom at the discretion of your professor.

What is DotEd?

DotED is ArtCenter’s learning management system (LMS). ArtCenter faculty use DotED to share course documents (including the syllabus) and resources, and to create writing assignments that students can submit online. This will be the hub for all your coursework moving forward, used at your instructor’s discretion.

For guidance on using DotED, please refer to online resources from the Digital Teaching & Learning department’s site linked here:

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a platform designed for remote learning and meetings. As a student, you can easily access meetings through Zoom. You don’t need a Zoom license and the tool is free for students.

Please take a look at these cheats and workarounds for online classes: Remote Learning Cheats and Workarounds


Submitting writing assignments via DotED

Your instructor may ask you to use DotED to submit assignments. There are two types of assignments that can be submitted, a DotED assignment and a Turnitin Assignment. The primary difference between the two types is that a Turnitin assignment checks the content against the internet and several other databases for plagiarism (non-original work) while a traditional DotED assignment does not.

Instructions for submitting a Turnitin assignment
Instructions for submitting a DotED (non-Turnitin) assignment

If you have any issues submitting your assignments, notify your instructor and send an email to so that DTL can provide assistance.