New Faculty

ArtCenter has several online resources available to help you manage and enhance your courses. Digital Teaching & Learning (DTL) provides support and manages all of the online teaching tools the institution offers, from DotED, our custom learning management system, to 1:1 training and tutorials. The information on this support site is regularly updated but please feel free to contact us at: if you need further assistance.

All incoming instructors must have an ArtCenter email address, username and password before we are able to offer assistance. These credentials are sent via email once the hiring process has been fully completed. If you have any problems with your paperwork or the hiring process in general, please contact Human Resources (

ArtCenter has two main technology platforms; Inside ArtCenter and DotED. Inside is the institution’s user portal and DotED is the learning management system. Although both systems are tightly integrated, they are two separate platforms with very specific purposes.

    • DotED

      DotED is ArtCenter’s learning management system (LMS) and is used only for teaching (not classroom management) purposes. Inside is the institution’s user portal and DotED is the learning management system. The Provost’s office encourages all instructors to upload their course syllabus to DotED. Detailed support info can be found on the Using DotED Page, including how to upload your course syllabus, add files, and create assignments, activities and resources.

      • DotED can be accessed through your Inside Dashboard or directly at
      • DotED courses are not visible to students until you (the instructor) manually activate them.
      • DotED course content can be rolled over from term to term, and edited to maintain currency.
        For help with DotED please contact:
      • Inside

        Inside is your personal portal to access information specific to your employment at ArtCenter. Timesheets, payroll information, W2 forms, etc. reside on Inside. We refer to this portal as your Inside Dashboard.

        Your Inside Dashboard is also where you access classroom management tools such as attendance, email, and grade submittal.

        • Attendance: The official instructor of record is the only member of a class that has access to the attendance sheet. TAs cannot take attendance.
        • Class Emails: To protect student privacy, you should always use official ArtCenter email addresses (yours and theirs).
        • Final Grades: At the end of the term you will be prompted to submit your final grades. These must be submitted through the link on the Inside portal. Do not email grades.
          For help with Inside please contact:

How can I learn more?

We encourage faculty exploration, experimentation, and research and would be happy to provide training on how to use our tools, offer guidance on proven instructional design techniques to increase student engagement, or to simply discuss any ideas you may have regarding online learning. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries at or stop by our Digital Teaching Lab in the 950 building, Suite 204.