Explore. Capture. Make. Create.

Located on South Campus at 1111 South Arroyo Parkway, Suite 460, the Digital Teaching and Learning Lab is a flexible space equipped with tools to help ArtCenter faculty produce, communicate, ideate, and experiment with new educational technologies. Feel free drop in or contact us to schedule a time to use the lab.

  • About the Lab
    The DTL Lab emerged from ArtCenter’s desire to explore new pedagogical models and support services through the use of technology. By building and maintaining the DTL Lab, the Digital Teaching & Learning department aims to facilitate the creation of innovative curriculum and course materials that will ultimately improve the overall student experience.

    The DTL Lab currently has:

    • 3 flexible stations equipped with tools to produce, communicate, ideate, and experiment with new technologies.
    • Acoustically treated walls and desktop audio and video recording equipment that provides faculty with an ideal location to efficiently record voice overs, screencasts, and instructional videos.
    • A number of creative software available such as Adobe Creative Cloud, which can be used to edit content into a preferable size, length, or format
    • A 65 inch HD monitor that, when paired with our HD conference cam, is ideal for video conferencing with collaborators and learners at a distance.
    • An Oculus Rift with the Touch controllers for faculty to experiment and play in virtual reality.
    • Equipment that can be checked out by faculty to create content in their own classroom.
    • Knowledgeable and helpful staff that can make educational technology and digital teaching easier.
  • How to use the Lab

    The DTL Lab is open to all faculty who wish to leverage technology to improve their courses. Below are few easy ways the Digital Teaching and Learning Lab can help facilitate this:

      • Lecture and Screen Capture

    The lab is equipped with user friendly audio video desktop recording hardware and screen-capturing software such as Camtasia and Adobe Captivate that can easily turn an in-person lecture or demo into an at-home assignment. By putting lectures or demonstrations online, in-class time is freed up for more meaningful hands-on work. Check out an example demo produced with the help of DTL and the DTL Lab below: 

      • Media Conversions

    Whether a physical print needs to be digitized into a .jpeg or a video needs to be converted from an .avi to an .mp4, the DTL Lab is available to help faculty make sure their content is in the correct format for their students.

      • VR Experimentation

    We believe that virtual reality is an emerging technology that has the potential influence education. That is why we have provided a space for faculty to experience and experiment with a variety of VR devices and applications, ranging from digital sculpting in Medium for the Oculus Rift to experiencing life through the eyes of a refugee in the New York Times VR App on the Samsung GEAR.

      • DotED Course Site Consultation

    The lab is a great place to meet with ArtCenter’s Education Technology Specialists to get your DotED course site up and running seamlessly.

      • Piloting and Testing New Educational Technologies

    Piloting and testing new tools is a great way to help DTL determine whether or not they meet our needs and have to the potential to be adopted by the college. This is an ideal location for experimenting with new technologies and evaluating their efficacy in improving the student experience.

      • Checking Out Equipment for In-Class Use

    iPads, tripods, and microphones can be made available for faculty who wish to easily record a portion of their class. In the past, in-class recordings have provided simple solutions to putting demo’s online and to preserving and sharing unique guest lecturers.

      • Virtual Meeting Space

    Acoustically treated walls, an HD conference camera, and a 65 inch monitor create a perfect place to have virtual meetings and conference calls. Leverage technology, record, and share these meetings with your students to view at home.

  • Software & Technical Specifications


    • Apple MacPro
    • MacMini
    • CyberPower Gaming PC w/ AMD Radeon 480 graphics card
    • 27 inch Apple Monitors
    • 22 inch Wacom Cintiq Pen Display
    • Samsung 65 inch HD monitor



    • Blue Yeti USB Mic w/desktop reflection and pop filters
    • Logitech HD conference camera
    • Elmo document camera
    • Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers
    • Samsung GEAR VR w/Galaxy Edge
    • iPad Pro
    • Tripod with iPod attachment
    • Mini Shotgun and Lavalier Mics for iPod
    • Sony Headphones
    • Green Screen Backdrop
    • Whiteboard with markers
    • Post-Its



    • Adobe Creative Cloud (Full)
    • Adobe Captivate
    • Camtasia
    • Corel Paint
    • Da Vinci Resolve
    • Dropbox
    • Handbrake
    • iMovie
    • Maya
    • MPEG Streamclip
    • MS Office
    • OmniGraffle
    • Unity
    • VoiceThread
    • ZBrush

    Above is just a partial list of the technology we support in the DTL Lab.

    Don’t see what you need? Let us know. We are always looking to grow and test out new tools and software.

  • Supporting Emerging Technologies
    An important function of the DTL Lab space is to spearhead and support the exploration of innovative educational technology applications and platforms at ArtCenter.



    Zoom is an easy to use and scale cloud-based video conferencing and webinar tool that promotes synchronous learning at a distance. While ArtCenter classes are almost entirely in-person offerings, Zoom is a great tool to connect our students in Pasadena to the world at large. Bring in multiple guest speakers, designers, and artists from around the globe to engage with the students sitting in your classroom. Or gain a leg up by flipping your course, facilitating synchronous discussions during out-of-class time freeing up in-class time for important hands-on work or discussions.


    Vimeo Pro

    Although certainly not new technology, DTL recognizes the need for a robust and secure video hosting and sharing platform. By having obtaining a Vimeo Pro account, we can now help faculty leverage video in their DotED course securely and seamlessly.



    VoiceThread is a web-based application that enables ArtCenter instructors and students to upload images, video, or documents and then record and add audio, video, or text annotations. These comments create a timeline which becomes an engaging asynchronous conversation. It’s perfect for out-of-class peer interaction, collaborative projects, or iterative online critiques and assessments.


    Oculus Medium

    Oculus Medium is an immersive VR experience that lets you sculpt, model, paint, and create tangible objects in a VR environment. Medium lets you create expressive works of art, whether you’re a total beginner, an aspiring creative, or a professional artist. Medium uses Touch controllers to enable intuitive hand gestures and movement for a natural, tactile experience.


    360 Video

    Immersive 360 video is an exciting new platform for artists and designers to experiment in. Engage in new methods of digital storytelling by utilizing new technologies and tools such as the Samsung Gear VR headset and 360 Camera, NYTVR, and Vimeo 360.

    If you would like to experiment with any of the emerging technologies listed above, please contact us!