The DTL Studio is located at our new space at 950 South Raymond, Suite 200, and is typically available from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. To utilize the DTL Studio, please email

  • What We Support
    • Screencasts
    • Multimedia Course Content Production
    • Video Post-production
    • Audio Recording and Editing
    • Scans and Digital Conversions
    • AR/VR Experimentation
    • Emerging Technologies
  • What We Have


    • Acoustic treated walls
    • Flexible work stations that can accommodate small teams


    • MacPro
    • MacMini
    • Gaming PC w/ AMD Radeon graphics card
    • (2) 27 inch Apple Monitors
    • 22 inch Wacom Cintiq Pen Display
    • Samsung 64 inch HD monitor
    • Blue Yeti USB Mic
    • HD conference camera
    • Elmo document camera
    • Oculus Rift


    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Camtasia
    • Unity
    • Maya
    • More
    • What We’ve Made

        Below are a few examples of what ArtCenter faculty members and the DTL team have created at the DTL Studio:

        Head Drawing on Toned Paper Demo with Voice Over (David Luce, Illustration)

        Illustration faculty member David Luce wanted a better way to prepare students for in class work. With help from DTL, he recorded one of his in-class demos and later provided a voice over in the DTL Studio. He now a large collection of demo videos that he embeds directly into his DotED course page and requires students to view before they come into class.

        Finding, Interpreting, and Adapting Inspiration Images into Initial Vehicle Sketches Demo Video (Thomas Kim, Transportation Design)

        Transportation Design faculty member Thomas Kim lent his talent and skills to DTL to create a prototype tutorial video to be used to test the efficacy of online learning.

        Screenshot of Instructor Sketching

        Screenshot from the prototype tutorial video

        History of Fashion: Anatomy of Fashion Lecture Screencast (Gwyn Conaway, H&S)

        H & S Instructor Gwyn Conaway wanted a easier way to prepare students on the terminology the would be using throughout the class. Instead of providing a one-time lecture on the first week, she came to the DTL Studio and produced a screencasts explaining the new terms. She embedded the videos in her DotED page so students can access them whenever they need assistance.