Faculty Services

DotED Course Site Consultation and Design

DTL encourages faculty exploration, experimentation, and research and would be happy to provide training on how to use our tools, offer guidance on proven instructional design techniques to increase student engagement, or to simply discuss any ideas you may have regarding online learning.

DotED Support for New Faculty

DTL partners with Faculty Development at ArtCenter to help newly hired (or re-hired) instructors familiarize themselves with opportunities for teaching support. As a benefit to the student population, the Faculty Development on-boarding process strongly encourages all new faculty to upload their course syllabus to DotED. Click here for instructions on uploading your syllabus, or email dtl@artcenter.edu for assistance. For help with creating a syllabus, please email sam.holtzman@artcenter.edu.

DotED Maker Space

DTL supports the creation of multimedia content for DotED courses. Located in the 950 building, the DTL Maker Space is flexible environment equipped with tools to produce, communicate, and experiment with learning technologies. Instructors looking for a quiet, DIY space to create screencasts from Powerpoint presentations or from Cintiq demonstrations can book the Maker Space Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please email dtl@artcenter.edu for information and to reserve.

DotED Course Merge

Instructors who are teaching multiple sections of the same course can request that the sections be merged in order to consolidate the rosters (for easier attendance tracking) and to allow students from all sections to access the same DotED materials. Cross-listed sections can also be merged with the consent of all faculty assigned to the courses. Please email dtl@artcenter.edu to request course merges or for more information.

Adding TAs to DotED

DTL can add any student who has been cleared to work by Human Resources to the associated DotED course site. TA’s are able to add content, including syllabi, course readings, and assignments. TA’s are not able to views grades, take attendance, or other personal information about enrolled students (in compliance with FERPA guidelines). Once a student’s paperwork has been cleared by HR, please email dtl@artcenter.edu with the student’s name and the name of the course.

Import DotED Content from a Previous Term

Instructors can manually import any content from a previously taught DotED course (SU15 and later) by following the instructions provided here. DTL is happy to assist with the process, and accepts requests to move content for instructor. For more information, or to request that your course content be imported to a current course site, please email dtl@artcenter.edu.

DotED Gradebook Set Up

The DotED grade book can be an efficient way to tie grades to assignments from within the course site itself. Assignments that are created in DotED are automatically entered into the grade book, and assignment grades can be entered and tracked by the instructor who can then automatically share the results with students. DTL has created a video tutorial that explains the grade book process here. For 1:1 training on how to set up a customized gradebook, please email dtl@artcenter.edu.