We support faculty and students at ArtCenter using a wide variety of established and emerging tools. We use a modified version of Moodle as the foundation for DotED, the Learning Management System that we use at ArtCenter. Every course that is offered at ArtCenter has an online counterpart in the DotED system. These Web Enabled courses can be utilized as a course repository to store files for your students, a completely online version of your course (complete with assignments and quizzes), and anything in between.

DotED support is just one aspect of the services that we provide. We also assist with:
1. Course Set up and Instructional Design
2. Incorporating outside tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and WordPress into the ArtCenter workflow.
3. Evaluating and experimenting with emerging technologies in our state of the art Digital Teaching Lab.
4. Recording tutorials and screencasts for use at ArtCenter.

Please contact us at for more information about how we can help.

DotED Quick Start Guide

Putting a Syllabus Online
The bare minimum that DotED can be used for is to provide an easily accessible place to store your course syllabus in addition to other relevant documentation and resources that may be of use to your students throughout the term. DotED courses are not visible to students unless you activate them, you must manually make them visible (see directions below) in order for your class to see any content that you have added to the course.To upload a syllabus (or any other file):

  1. Click the Turn On Editing link in the Administration block or from the Settings Gear drop down menu.
  2. Next, simply drag your file from your computer and drop it into the section that you would like it to be added to. The file is automatically added to the section when you release the mouse.
    Once you have added your syllabus (or any other files) to your DotED course, follow the steps below to make the class visible to your students:
  3. Click the Edit Settings link in the Administration block or from the Settings Gear drop down menu.
  4. Change the Visible setting to Show.
  5. Click Save Changes to return to your course!