DotED is the name of ArtCenter’s customized LMS (learning management system). Every course that is offered at ArtCenter has an online counterpart in the DotED system, and is accessible via single sign-on from the Inside ArtCenter dashboard. DotED is a robust system that can be utilized as a simple file and resource repository for students, or as a hybrid teaching environment complete with assignments, quizzes, and active learning activities to encourage self-reflection and peer assessment. DTL services include bringing pedagogical principles into the blended classroom experience to help you create an engaging and inclusive learning experience for all ArtCenter students.

Faculty Support and Training

The DTL team offers personalized individual DotED training in the DTL office, or via Zoom web conferencing, by email, and over the phone. We also provide custom workshops for faculty groups and department meetings. Learn more about DotED training.

DotED Tools

DTL supports a variety of academic technologies, embedded in the DotED course site, that can be used to further your students’ online learning experiences.

LinkedIn Learning, a vast library of online tutorials based on both creative topics and tools, encourages flipped classroom learning by assigning video tutorials and tools training within DotED for homework while reserving class time for discussion and concept mastery. You can access LinkedIn Learning through your Inside ArtCenter dashboard.
Turnitin encourages a culture of academic integrity by identifying unoriginal content in students’ writing assignments. Used proactively, and accessed as a DotED assignment, Turnitin can empower students to think critically and take ownership of their work. Learn how to create a Turnitin assignment in DotED.

is a video communication tool that supports a supplemental synchronous opportunity for instructors and students to meet in real time, but at a distance. Zoom sessions are embedded in the DotED course site and can be used for a variety of virtual education experiences, including lecture, group work, and office hours communication. Learn how to integrate Zoom into your tradition classroom.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

Every day, members of the ArtCenter community create and use various forms of intellectual property. As creators of intellectual property, we expect others to abide by certain laws, regulations, and customs so that our work is used appropriately. As intellectual property users, we have a legal duty to abide by those same laws, regulations, and customs so that we use and share protected digital works appropriately. Learn more about copyright practices for DotED.


ArtCenter has built DotED on the open-source Moodle learning management system (LMS) platform. The Moodle platform conforms to Section 508 accessibility standards and W3C (Web Content Accessibility) guidelines. DTL can offer accessible course design suggestions for DotED content creation. Learn more about accessibility practices for DotED.


FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) protects student privacy at ArtCenter, both in the classroom and on a DotED course site. DotED is the only learning management system supported by ArtCenter. Using DotED properly avoids the risk of unintentional FERPA violations. Learn more about FERPA practices for DotED.