Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning

Located on the Hillside campus, across the hall from the library in Room 211A, the Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning houses the Director of Faculty Development and the Director of Educational Technology. Combined, we support faculty in areas of pedagogy, assessment, and teaching with technology by providing 1:1 coaching, training, and support. We run a new-faculty orientation program twice a year and facilitate workshops and information sessions across all three terms. We coordinate with academic departments and staff around aspects of teaching and learning across all degree programs.

Digital Teaching & Learning

The Digital Teaching & Learning (DT&L) department is part of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL), located in Room 211A on the Hillside campus. Our team consists Gayle Burns, director for Educational Technology at Art Center, Nick Petrilla and Kwasi Boyd-Bouldin.

Office of Faculty Development

A place to begin for faculty with questions is the Office of Faculty Development – a position created at ArtCenter in 2013 to support professional teaching development. Please contact Sam Holtzman, the Director of Faculty Development for help with syllabus and curriculum development, methods and manner of assessment, rubrics and tools for teaching, facilitation techniques, ELL support, and for other questions about pedagogy and best-practices. The Office of Faculty Development conducts the Orientation for New Faculty, a series of in-term workshops, and offers all faculty 1:1 classroom consultation and coaching sessions.